Road conditions in Croatia

update: 25.2.2017. 10:15
Due to very strong wind all traffic is suspended on the section of the A1 motorway between Sveti Rok and Posedarje junctions, detour: DC27/DC50 state roads through Gračac and Obrovac.

Passenger traffic is allowed only:
  • on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway between Kikovica and Delnice,
  • on the DC54 Maslenica-Zaton Obrovački state road,
  • on the part of the DC8 Adriatic road Novi Vinodolski-Sveta Marija Magdalena.
On the A7 Draga-Šmrika motorway traffic is suspended for: doubledeckers, trailers and motorcycles, on the section of the DC8 Adriatic road Bakar-Novi Vinodolski for delivery vans and freight vehicles with covered cargo area too.

It is snowing in Dalmatia, especially on the section of the A1 motorway between Šestanovac and Ravča junctions (driving speed limit of 40 km/h). Most roads are wet and slippery due to rain. Rock and land sliding is possible.
Due to fog visibility is reduced in the central parts - on the A4 Zagreb-Goričan motorway between Breznički Hum and Zagreb.

Due to winter driving conditions there is a traffic ban on freight vehicles with trailers and all other vehicles have to use the winter equipment on the following roads of

Lika mountain area:
  • DC1 Udbina-Gračac,
  • DC42 at Poljanak,
  • DC218 Užljebić border crossing-Donji Lapac-Dobroselo;
  • DC27 Gračac-Zaton Obrovački,
  • ŽC5203 Dobroselo-Srb-Otrić.
Drive carefully due to an accident on the A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway between Ivanić Grad and Križ junctions at 70th km in direction Bregana!
Due to bad weather traffic is closed on the DC218 Dobroselo-Mazin-Bruvno state road.

During the day difficulties can be expected in roadwork areas.

Drivers are invited to keep distance, to adjust the speed to road conditions and not to start the journey without the winter equipment. The headlights have to be on during the day as well.

One lane is free only/traffic is flowing in reduced lanes on the following motorways:
  • A1 Zagreb-Split-Ploče at Božići viaduct in direction Split, between Novigrad and Karlovac junctions 42nd-40th km in direction Zagreb;
  • A3 Bregana-Lipovac between Kutina and Novska junctions 118th-121st km in both directions;
  • A4 Zagreb-Goričan at Kraljevečki Novaki junction 93rd-94th km in both directions till 13 March;
  • A6 Rijeka-Zagreb at Svilno viaduct 78th-80th km between Orehovica and Čavle junctions in each direction till 1 June;
  • Rijeka detour road in the exit lane of Rujevica junction in direction Rupa till 16 March;
  • A8 in Istria on the section Lupoglav-Učka tunnel.
Due to roadworks traffic is suspended:
  • on the DC1 state road in Lučko and Stupnik (Zagreb);
  • on the DC8 Adriatic road at Posedarje till 10 April;
  • on the DC6 state road, section Glina-Dvor border crossing till 15 March, detour: Glina (DC37)-Petrinja-Hrvatska Kostajnica-Dvor;
  • on the DC34 Valpovo-Josipovac state road;
  • on the DC206 Valentinovo-Petrovsko state road;
  • on the DC228 Jurovski Brod-Ozalj-Karlovac state road at Ozalj.
Traffic is regulated by traffic signals/one road lane is free only:
  • on the DC1 state road at Tušilović;
  • on the DC1 Sinj-Klis Grlo state road at Dicmo;
  • on the DC8 Adriatic road on the section Kaštel Stari-Kaštel Gomilica, at Podstrana, on the section Zaton Doli-Bistrina, at Srebreno;
  • on the DC75 Poreč detour road, section Vrvari-Bijela;
  • on the DC303 Rovinjsko Selo-Brajkovići-Kurili state road.
15 November 2016-15 April 2017 winter equipment is mandatory on the winter sections of the state roads in Croatia (it includes four winter tyres or four summer tyres with chains ready for use).

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