About Mostar

Mostar, town, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is the chief city and, historically, the capital of Herzegovina. It is situated in a mountainous country along the Neretva River and lies on the Sarajevo-Ploče rail line.

We highly recommend Mostar to visit. Probably you will ask why. First of all, it is very hard to describe the energy that can be fealed in a city mixed with cultural inheritance in one way and the natural beauty of Neretva which insolently passes through the Mostar making spectacular impressions on visitors.

Very good restaurants where you can taste domestic meals, price acceptable,…

We recommend the restaurant Mystic with a fabulous view of Neretva and amazing hospitality and meal taste.

And also, there is one place for Bosnia cakes Balkaranama house. In this small cake house, somehow, the spirit of old Mostar is still alive.

Mostar video