Active holidays

For everybody who prefers active holidays or a little bit of adrenaline activity, we prepared some opportunities for you.

Omis riviera

Rafting and Kayaking

A raft or kayak ride down the Cetina River from Cikotina Lada to Blato (10 km) lasts about three to four hours. But for those with more skill, not to mention courage, we recommend the section from Blato to Zadvarje, which can only be traversed by kayak. This section is also about 10 km long, and it takes about the same time, but the landscape as you pass through a narrow and high canyon is much more beautiful, but also quite dangerous at places.

Makarska Riviera




Traditional Marathon Lađa boat race

The Neretva Boat Marathon is an amateur sporting competition between rowers in traditional boats known as lađa. Each crew consists of ten rowers, a drummer, and a cox. 

Lađa was used by the old Neretva pirates, who terrorized the area back in the 10th century.

Bacina lakes

Well… frankly, Bacina lakes is the peace of heaven on Earth. Located 5 km from Ploce with car access, presents an adorable destination to visit. Every year, more and more tourists come to delve into this beauty. Seven lakes are interconnected with attractive small gateways. People can rent a boat called “ladja” and get experience which is hard to explain with words. For more visit BacinaLakes